We are continuing along in our series featuring some Q & A time with a few of those folks who have given Platinum Resumes a try and have been very pleased with that choice! Today’s blog features dialogue with a PR client who shares with us about his journey with Platinum Resumes and all that he has taken with him throughout and following the client experience.


  • What brought you to the point of choosing to seek professional assistance with your job search efforts?


After exhausting myself on researching where to start a resume for a new type of field, I thought that this would be the best option to get professional advice and to get started. People like those at Platinum Resumes have way more experience when it comes to writing resumes because they’ve dealt with it for a very long time. After I had researched a bit, I thought that this would save me a lot of time and it has! Best decision ever for the resume part. As for the LinkedIn profile and other little things that come with the service, I had no idea about. I have heard of LinkedIn, but I, again, did not know where to start on this. So, I thought that hiring a professional would be very beneficial. Not only for the resume and LinkedIn part, but just even with connections and other support. By having a professional it minimizes stress and anxiety because you always have someone there to coach you.


  • Was it easy to become a client with Platinum Resumes? Why or why not?


Yes, it was. At first I was worried about scams because there are so many out there, but when I had asked for some information I received a phone call immediately. In this time frame I had learned with other services that I do not even get to really communicate with my writer without going through a lengthy process. Communication with Platinum Resumes was instant, and, if I ever need anything, they are just a phone call away to help out, even in the off hours. Steve and his crew are the best thing ever, so… Yes, it was exceptionally easy to become a client with Platinum Resumes.


  • What about working with Steve was most helpful to you in your journey of working to land your dream job?


His attitude and communication. I was instantly hooked by his personality and how nice of a guy he is. He is someone who will go out of his way to help someone out. I have only known him for a couple of weeks now, and I already consider him not only a mentor but a friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have as a mentor to help me out. Even after I land my job and everything is situated, he will still offer great services.


  • Did the cost of the services that Platinum Resumes offered you pay off in the end? Was it worth it?


Oh, yes. They will do whatever is possible to fit into your budget, but his cost in general is amazingly fair to begin with. If you compare service to service, he offers such a great package. With other places you cannot just communicate with your writer directly as you can with Platinum Resumes. They have the best support hands down, and the stuff they did for me is going to definitely pay off in the end. In a big city like KC, you need any advantage you can have to reach the next level. He took me under his arm and now things are going to go excellent. Also, their guarantee is what won me over. You will not find this with any other company.


  • If you were to sit down with a potential PR client, what would you say was the most valuable piece of advice that you walked away with?


If I was to sit down with a potential PR client, I would say that the most valuable piece of advice is that communication is key. I feel like PR helped me learn how to instill professionalism within myself and know when to talk and at what pace. Being overly confident can be bad, but being under confident is even worse so finding that happy medium I think was the hardest for me.


  • Did you land that dream job that you were after?


Not yet, but I know I will. Steve is an artist with what he can do, and so is his team. I haven’t done much job searching yet as we are still setting everything up, but I will tell you this. I had my first draft on my resume done in less than 6 hours of sending him the questionnaire full and complete. The things that Steve can whip up is remarkable. With the guarantee that Platinum Resumes offers, you can’t go wrong.


  • If you were to encounter a friend or family member in need of resume services, would you recommend our company to them?


Oh, heck yes. I would recommend them to the whole country if I could! Platinum Resumes is a rare kind of business that you will not usually find in today’s typical market. Again, as previously said, no customer service is better than theirs! It is the best thing you can do to further enhance your job search. You would be mistaken to not go with Steve’s crew. If you are looking for excellent customer service and great response time, Go. With. Platinum. Resumes!!


-J.D. – IT & Military Professional