Today we kick off a new blog series featuring multiple Q & A sessions with a few of those who find Platinum Resumes very near and dear to their hearts. Our first session features the owner himself, Steve Hankins. Steve provides us with some insight into the development of Platinum Resumes, shares a bit about himself personally, and offers valuable reasons why becoming a client will greatly impact your career and your future.


  • How long has Platinum Resumes been in existence?

After several years of writing resumes on the side of other corporate jobs, I launched Platinum Resumes in 2009 upon receiving my certification in resume writing (CPRW). The years pass quickly!


  • What inspired you to launch Platinum Resumes?

I realized in my own job search efforts out of college how competitive the market was, and how much difference having a certified writer made in my own endeavors. Upon beginning to write them myself part time, I very much enjoyed getting to know clients and their interests, skills, and true dreams for their careers and lives. I decided to quit my 8-5 and pursue this initiative full time, and never looked back.


  • Which piece of the job search process is most interesting to you? Why?

The most interesting part for me is element of trying to determine what a person wants to do. The vast majority of professionals in America do not like their jobs, where they will spend 90,000 hours or more of their lives. You might call it the “pre-process” of finding out exactly what skills and passions may meet the need of the world, and love assisting people in finding that calling.


  • How old were you when you wrote your first resume? Which job were you applying for at the time?

Probably in high school! I worked through high school and college, and realize in hindsight this is where the great “resume problem” begins. People learn from a text book or online template how to create a resume, and it ends up looking just like millions upon millions of others. I wish I could dig up my first attempt!


  • What type of resume package is the most popular with your clients?

Most clients pursue the optimized resume rewrite, cover letter, and references dossier. What usually happens from there is they realize the power and importance of LInkedIn, and ascertain us to complete that as well.


  • As a client, how long can you expect the process of creating a resume to take with your company?

Great question! Once a client is on board, we provide them with a worksheet to gather additional information about themselves, which they complete and return to us along with an old resume or other details they’d like to share. Once this is submitted, we turn around drafts within 7 business days or less.


  • What do you consider to be the most valuable in your investment as a Platinum Resumes’ client?

There is a two-part answer to this which I view as invaluable. First, there is the statistics-backed boost in career, including a 40% increase in online response to job applications, interview requests, and job offers, in addition to better salaries. Less tangible is the supreme confidence clients derive from seeing themselves shine on paper in ways they never thought possible. This is what I TRULY love, and have had the occasional client moved to happy tears!


  • Aside from spearheading the work done through Platinum Resumes, what else occupies your time?

While Platinum is my primary focus I also have ownership in a couple of other companies which combine to keep me busy most of the year. I have a secondary passion for entrepreneurship and love helping startups get off the ground. Otherwise I am an avid sports and fitness fan, coming from a lineage of baseball professionals.


  • If you were forced to leave the resume writing business tomorrow and pursue a different career, which would you choose?

I believe I would take a slight step in the career coaching direction, focusing on helping professionals at all levels find that passion and path which will bring them fulfillment in addition to monetary wealth. If I had to step into something completely different, I would contribute to a startup incubator and aid entrepreneurs in succeeding!