In today’s world, we have more apps on our smart phone than we have names on our Christmas card list! We are connecting with one another more so with our fingers on our phone than with our actual voices. As sad as it may sometimes be that our interactions with the world have been reduced to how we can best utilize the little rectangular device that we hold in our hand, it is our reality. Therefore, we have to do our best to make sure that the way we are taking care of our business is done with efficiency, that we are on point and using the most current and beneficial apps and services to meet our needs. Our time and money are too precious of commodities to be wasted.


So, that said, how does the exploration of smart phone apps apply to the job seeker? Research shows that the job seeker, just like anyone else, has a list of specific needs in mind when looking at the many options of job search apps. The typical hiring manager spends about 5 seconds looking at a resume before he or she decides to throw it in the ‘keep it’ or ‘toss it’ stack. Likewise, the typical individual on the job hunt has a lot of options when sifting through job offers online, a lot of junk and a few treasures here and there. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish in one day’s time, and, when you have been pouring over job options for hours and hours, your patience is quick to dwindle. In considering a job search app to download and start using, you want something that is fast and easy to navigate.


Another need that that the typical job seeker has is the desire for anonymity when looking for a new job. Maybe he or she does not want their current employer to know they are looking for new employment, wanting to fly under the radar while they are searching for something better out there. Some job search apps consider this aspect of the candidate’s predicament and some do not.


This brings us to our main debate between Jobr and Switch, both cutting edge apps that were designed after the concept of Tinder but for your job hunting needs, without the hassle of a formal job search. Although this list is not exhaustive, we will highlight their similarities and notate a few differences, which may or may not push one ahead of the other for you. We are not here to guarantee one service or the other, but we do believe that these two companies are the top contenders for your on-the-go, easy access, efficient job search needs.


Jobr… “Connecting talented people with the job they never knew was waiting.”


Switch… “Love your job search: Connect with your future employer in minutes.”




  • Both have easy-to-use swiping function. Swipe right if interested in the job, swipe left if not.
  • Both offer a matching platform where recruiters and hiring managers can be connected with talented candidates, creating a place for easy chat and communication once a match has been established.
  • Both deliver relevant jobs based on a candidate’s preferences (salary range, location and career track) combined with their work experience, skills and education.
  • Both offer the option to like or pass on a job while remaining anonymous.
  • Both make it easy for hiring managers, too…meaning they’ll be more likely to keep using and to keep listing quality jobs.


  • Jobr offers a $1,000 to each person who refers someone and gets a candidate a job.
  • Jobr, at least on their website, seems to exist just as much or more for the recruiter than for the job seeker.
  • Switch offers recruiter the glance at your information without disclosing your name, thus the app caters well to people who are not actively seeking a new job but may be open to the right opportunity if it presented itself.
  • Switch boasts companies such as Facebook, Ebay, Soundcloud, Taboola, wikipedia, Crowdtap, and Dropbox are already users.
  • Jobr boasts that they’ve brought on the co-founders of Tinder (Sean Rad & Justin Mateen) as advisors and investors to help us continue to grow.


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