It’s that moment you have been anticipating for weeks, months, and maybe even decades! Earning your degree has been hard work, and you are ready to face what’s next, but are you properly equipped to take on an exciting and successful career?


Many graduate with the basic skills regarding a solid resume. You know that you need an informative and exhaustive job history, but where does begin exactly? Surely there’s no need to mention those lawns you mowed or the children you babysat back in eighth grade. But, how do you make yourself look good on paper if your career and job history is really just getting started? The key is to make your skill set and aptitude shine!


There are some that have the talent and know-how to represent themselves well in this regard, while others need to reach out for a little help. At Platinum Resumes, graduates are some of our favorite clients! Your slate is fairly clean, and, though it can a bit intimidating to be building your brand from ground zero, it is quite freeing, as well.


Using the right words and the right techniques to articulate all that you bring to the table, we can get you in the doors of those companies that you never dreamed possible. Our team of experts know what it takes to capture the eye and attention of picky hiring managers, and we guarantee that you will gain interviews at a noticeably faster rate than you would going it alone.


So… if you are about to graduate and take the plunge into the real world, call on us to help you take the proper first steps. You can reach us at 816.986.0909 to get started building your career!