Do you ever get trapped inside of your own head? You didn’t intend to get stuck in this place once again, yet here you are. You’re staring into the dark void which appears to be your future and spiraling out of control with all of the “what if’s” and the “how much longer’s”.


Your job search can oftentimes seem like it is taking far too long, and your efforts feel undervalued. Maybe the applications have been submitted, but it has been days or weeks since the interview has been addressed. By this point, you are tapped out on patience in the waiting game.


First off, don’t be so discouraged! You are one of countless people who are all experiencing the same frustrations right now. A successful job search is one that takes time. It is not something to be rushed. You want to avoid the fear of pouncing upon the wrong opportunity. The first step is to move forward carefully and strategically rather than quickly.


In addition, we feel that it benefits the job seeker to find accountability throughout this process. We are social creatures and are encouraged by the influence of others. When we face our struggles alone, we are tempted to get stuck in one pattern of thinking, and that pattern is often void of confidence. Staying trapped inside of your own pessimistic and worried self is no place for a bright and boundless job candidate to prosper.


Seeking accountability from friends and colleagues allows you to pursue your job search with a necessary support system. You can bounce ideas off of others when you need a second opinion, and you’re guaranteed a coffee date when you need to brainstorm and gain a fresh perspective. Someone who is walking closely with you through the job search journey will allow you to have a different angle to various situations that need to be well thought through, and it will help you to keep a level head about yourself when your emotions begin to squeeze the life out of you.


If you are going it alone today, then you need someone to provide insight along the way. Find a friend who has a strong sense of professionalism and can keep you grounded when your patience and hope are wearing thin, a friend who will drag you out for dinner and a movie when you need to clear your head. Get started today with a healthy sense of accountability, and your job search will be strengthened!