Whether your recent job search kick off was unexpected or seen coming a mile away, it is most likely leaving you somewhat frazzled. There are a lot of different pieces in play when conducting a professional job search effort, and it can be overwhelming to get keep everything together when your emotions are all over the place.


A successful job search is not necessarily one that produces top notch interviews after the first week, but one in which the job candidate is patient and wise. Many folks fall into their job search without a plan or knowledge of where to even begin. They know the basics of writing a cover letter and resume, but the networking and marketing angles of a job hunt might be foreign concepts.


At Platinum Resumes, we see clients on both ends of the spectrum. There are millennials who have the social media and LinkedIn pieces nailed down with complete confidence, yet they lack the experience of surviving and learning from a great deal of interviews throughout the years. The older generation of job seekers may have the long list of career accolades and age-old relationships with potential job references, yet they are lost when it comes to marketing their personal brand online.


It is exciting to come across so many different personalities and perspectives, and we have a superior level of knowledge in handling a little bit of everything. Our resume work has drawn the attention of countless professionals in the Kansas City area and beyond, and our incoming clients know that they are partnering with a quality team of legitimate experts. We have helpful advice when it comes to developing a job search strategy that will bring true results, and proper organization is a large part of that potential success.


Start by taking stock of all of the pieces of your representation that you have ready to go and that which still needs some work. Study up on the current trends in your particular career field, which elements employers are looking at and expecting from a flawless portfolio. Once you have yourself organized and can pinpoint your weakest areas, then you know where the most work needs to be done.


Once you’ve got a workable strategy together, then step back and assess whether or not this is something that you can tackle alone. If you need a professional touch, then consider giving us a call. We will do our best to quickly make your story a raving success!