Since childhood, we’ve all battled with learning to tell the truth. It always seems easy at first, but how far can we stretch a lie before we get found out? We are taught how to finesse the truth in certain situations, and we learn the consequences of our lies.


All of these life lessons come into play in adulthood, specifically when searching for a new job. We don’t want to overdo it in portraying ourselves, but we also don’t want to undercut our potential. We must give ourselves credit for all of the work that we’ve done but not blow our accomplishments out of proportion. We must appear very eager for this new job opportunity but not ridiculously over the top. How can we find the middle ground and fight for what we want?


The answer lies in the simplest of places: the truth. The best and most reliable angle is honesty. No back peddling is necessary. No stumbling over your words required. No heart pounding moments with bated breath while wondering if your lie will be unearthed.


When it comes to applying for jobs, you must move forward with purpose and integrity. This means that you have to learn to pick and choose which potential jobs are right for you. You may be underqualified for some and completely unqualified for others. There is a difference between the two, and it would behoove you to recognize that difference as you weed through prospective opportunities.


We all want to portray ourselves to be the best and most polished version possible. We want to word our accomplishments so that we will stand out among our peers. We want our projects, our sales, and our campaigns to be glorified, but we must keep a level head when the credits roll. Giving yourself props for work that is not rightly yours to claim pushes you onto dangerous territory. Not only would one inquisitive phone call or email rat you out, but you would also be in way over your head with a new job that is outside of your ability. Lying about your skill set and accolades sets you up to become someone that you are not, and we all know how miserable of a place that can be.


Being honest about your prior work and future potential is the most solid foundation to walk upon in your future endeavors. So, if you come across a job that looks incredible but which you are not qualified for, then take a step back and lay out all of the facts. Do you feel strongly that you can perform well in this new job despite your lack of qualifications? Or, would you have to really fudge on a lot of details to even get a shot at it?


You have to know when to buckle down and fight for a job opportunity that you know suits you well and when to pass. Being honest with yourself and with your potential new boss, about who you are and what you bring, will get you so much farther, with much more peace, than a string of lies.