Looking for a job during the coronavirus pandemic may be causing you a bit of uncertainty or anxiety. While many small businesses have been forced to close temporarily and large businesses have lost sales or experienced a disruption in the supply chain, there have been some layoffs, furloughs, and reduced hours. However, there are still companies which are actively hiring. I know it may seem hard, but if you can stay positive and proactive about job searching, you can still find a job despite the difficult economic times.

Here are 3 tips to make your job search easier:

1.    Reach out to your network. Many people want to help you however they can during this global crisis. You may be surprised what opportunities may come about by just asking your network on LinkedIn, friends, family, etc. They may know of an opening and be able to give you an introduction to leadership which will certainly give you a leg-up during the selection process. While people have extra time on their hands, now would be a great time to ask for LinkedIn Recommendations or referral letters.

2.    Use this time to enhance your skills. There are so many ways to take classes or learn skills on the internet. Take this extra time to add new skills to your resume and make yourself more marketable. You can also use this time to practice job interviews. It may feel strange at first, but role playing an interview with a friend or family member will make you much more successful when the time comes for a real interview.

3.    Take on temp work. Depending on your long-term career goals, it may be difficult to find your dream job right now. But, there are many temp jobs available right now that can help you pay your bills and enhance your skills. Places like pharmacies may need help delivering prescriptions, food delivery services, customer service positions, freelance work, or personal shopping services are all good options for temporary work right now.