If you’re on the search right now, you may be feeling a little scared and frustrated. Right now, the entire world is facing unprecedented and challenging times. All we can do right now is try to adjust to this new way of doing things. Business must continue, and there is still a demand for jobs. Luckily, we have technology at our fingertips, and many employers are offering virtual interviews during social distancing.

Here are 3 steps to nail a remote interview:

1.  Phone Interview – Most of you are probably already quite familiar with a phone interview, which is typically used as a candidate screening interview. But, how do you stand out over a phone interview? Focus on your delivery. When you speak, be sure to sound confident, well-spoken, and self-assured. It may feel funny at first, but if you smile while you speak, you will sound more likable. There may be other candidates with a similar background applying for the position, but you will land the second interview if you are able to come across well during the phone interview.

2. Video Interview ­– Many employers are now offering video interviews for the second interview. This may be scary for those who are not as technologically inclined, so it’s important to practice before the actual interview. Find out what platform the employer will be using for the video conference and test it out with a friend or family member beforehand. Test it in the same space you will perform you actual interview—so that you can make sure the audio and visual background and lighting looks professional. You can even practice answering questions, so that you get used to this new format. Preparation is truly key to a successful video interview.

3. Expect a Hands-on Interview – The interviewer will most likely want to see examples of your work, your writing, and may even ask you to role-play on the spot. Be ready for this! Expect to be hands-on during the interview. If you can, have a whiteboard, or at least a notepad handy. Try to anticipate what kinds of examples would directly apply to the position, and be ready to improvise!

It’s a changing world right now. It’s important to adapt to this new environment–no matter how uncomfortable that may seem at first.