Most of us are finding ourselves with extra free time while we adapt to our new lifestyles during social distancing. While it may be easy to sit around and binge watch your favorite show or to immersing yourself in social media, don’t squander this opportunity to advance your career! Here are 3 ways to use this extra time at home to propel your career forward!

  1. Take an Online Class or Certification– There are so many options online to continue your education. You can take a certificate program, brush up on you Excel or MS Office Skills, learn how to code. There’s something out there for everyone!
  2. Read Personal Development Books – Take this time to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading a book and developing yourself. Some books that have really inspired me lately are The Hero Effect: Being Your Best When It Matters the Most by Kevin Brown and Who Moved My Cheese An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Spencer Johnson.
  3. Learn More about Your Industry. When was the last time you looked at what your competitors are doing? Now would be a great time to do competitive analysis and present to your boss while you have this downtime. Take time to research your industry or company’s history online. Read up on relevant present-day issues.

If you make the most of this time while you are at home, you will ultimately feel more fulfilled during this trying time. If you use this time to advance yourself professionally, you’ll be thankful you did when your day job returns back to normal.