In a culture of free expression, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to go about reigning in your job search efforts. Social media is the perfect outlet to immediately reach the masses in a way that would otherwise have taken you days to months to communicate with such a diverse crowd. You are able to tap into a network that can make a huge impact on your job search endeavors, for better or for worse.

Maybe you are just taking off in pursuit of your dream job or perhaps you’ve already been at it for months with no results. Getting your act together when it comes to your social media presence is a crucial piece of the personal brand that you have to offer as a top notch job candidate. Your platform should be one in which you represent the true version of yourself yet maintain an air of dignity and professionalism.

Various social media sites and companies, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, provide a way for you to both discover and be discovered. Some of our Platinum Resumes clients found their ideal job while browsing through Facebook. Others were aimlessly looking around LinkedIn and discovered a job that perfectly met their desired expectations. We know that social media is a remarkable window into the job market. So, now it’s time to decide whether or not you are marketing yourself well.

At Platinum Resumes, part of our job is to guide each of our clients toward a stronger and more optimal career future. From resume writing to interview coaching, our services are built to sharpen and strengthen who you are as a potential candidate. Through years of experience, we have become keenly aware of all that it takes to capture the attention of the pickiest of hiring managers, to display your skills and talents in the most alluring and tasteful manner. Shooting for a positive and memorable social media experience is part of that approach. You have to aim to hit it out of the park, to plant yourself firmly as the top contender for the job at hand.

Why waste your time trying to become a sub-par person of interest for the job that you would love to call your own? The time is now and the opportunity is yours if you choose to step up and get serious about your job search. To learn more about all that a thorough and professional social media image can do for you, call us today at 816.986.0909!