Losing your job is never the intended path, right? Layoffs are not a fun experience for anyone involved, but, unfortunately, they are sometimes inevitable within certain company dynamics. For that reason, Platinum Reasons has learned that having someone to stand in the gap and shoulder some of the weight of joblessness is just the ticket when it comes to layoffs and severance.

Our team of talented resume writers and career coaches has served many groups, of up to 100 outbound professionals, who are being forced to let go of one job but being fully equipped for finding another. We have joined with companies and management teams who want to see their beloved employees succeed in ways that they are not capable of making happen, so they have sought the next best option by hiring Platinum to properly care for these apt professionals. As part of a severance package, these individuals are being given the opportunity to advance their careers by receiving relevant advice and feedback moving forward. This severance package includes top notch resumes, cover letters, reference dossiers, interview prep material, and LinkedIn profiles.

By working all these years with individuals in a wide variety of industries across all levels of management and position, we have been able to learn all of the tricks of the trade and have developed a system of advancing careers with amazing results. Our consistent positive feedback from prior clients reveals to us that we are on the right track and that all of our hard work to boost the confidence and marketability of these job seekers is paying off.

If you have been laid off and are facing an unexpected road aimed at landing a new job, then we know that this season in your life may not be the easiest. However, rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, we encourage you to start working on your future. This severance package that your company has provided for you during this transition is aimed at instilling a confident hope as we work toward providing you with an exceptional resume and a host of other necessities that you will need to utilize on your job hunt.

If you and your company are preparing to face this difficult circumstance of enforcing layoffs, then you need to call us today at 816.986.0909 and take the best possible care of your outbound employees. Whether you are here in Kansas City or on the other side of the world, we are ready to work with you in whatever unique situation you might require. Our team wants to become your team!