For many, you are finally on the home stretch toward graduation. You have been anxiously counting down the days until this momentous occasion, and, with only a number of weeks left, you are now filled with both excitement and anxiety as this chapter of your life comes to an end. Although your education was intended to prepare you for what’s next, there is a certain ambiguity to what lies ahead, and you might find yourself wondering if you’re actually ready to plunge ahead toward the career that you have in mind.

Do you have what it takes to be the best man or woman for the job? Do you know what your personal brand is all about and how to present yourself in the most professional manner? Do you already have applications in the works and interviews on the horizon? Although we all feel pressure to have it all together, most every student preparing to graduate on the college and graduate level, if being honest, would probably answer “no” to one, if not all, of the aforementioned questions. Sure, we have been taught and trained in how to prepare ourselves for the job market, but there are so many elements of resume writing and career readiness that get overshadowed by research papers, exams and all things GPA.

Then, when the final round of Pomp & Circumstance is played and a new door officially opens, suddenly what was important now seems dim. Now, you are looking at the creative detail of your resume and the unique wording behind your cover letter and the right and wrong approach to an intense round of interview questions. Suddenly, there might be a sense of fear and panic trying to outplay the confident approach that you previously had. You know that you are very knowledgeable regarding your specific field of study and are well-equipped to handle the job requirements that would be expected of you in this particular position. However, are you able to articulate just how powerful of a candidate you are? Does your resume and portfolio reflect the sense of professionalism and hard work that you bring to the table?

It is our experience that many new graduates are lacking in their ability to secure an interview at their company or job of choice. They know the basics of writing a resume or answering basic interview questions, but they lack the competitive edge necessary to rise to the top of the stack of consideration. With our help, however, we are able to take this fresh and eager spirit and guide it toward a bright future. We enjoy working with men and women who come to the job market with a lot to offer but are struggling to know which pieces go together and how to sharpen their particular skill set.

Maybe you’ve had your resume circulating for a while now but recognize that it is lacking the pop and color that it needs to really stand out. We can help! Maybe you’ve already established yourself in some circles of influence, but you know that you’re going to need some guidance in how to put your best foot forward and provide an exceptional display of references and accolades. Our team of career experts at Platinum Resumes is ready to take on whatever post-graduation career plan that you have in mind. We would love the opportunity to help you truly flourish in your field!