So it’s the end of the day, and your brain and energy level are quickly approaching crash status. You have poured yourself out all day long and are ready to shut down and refuel for all that tomorrow requires of you. But, wait! Just as you are unwinding and mindlessly scrolling through your various emails and newsfeeds for the day, you come across a potential job opening that really catches your eye.

Maybe it has been weeks or even months now that you have become complacent or dissatisfied in your career and have begun to take notice of such job opportunities. Or, perhaps, you were really caught off guard and didn’t even realize just how unhappy you were in your current job until you see the possibility of a new position on the horizon. Regardless of where you stand in your current job search, you need to be ready to spring into action when you scroll across a new position that has been recently posted. The eager job applicant who stands the better chance at being noticed is the one who is ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

Those last minute, right before bed, about to walk out the door kind of job openings don’t always last very long. You may have seen something similar happen in the past where a position at a highly sought after company was filled before you even knew it was available. Sometimes such positions are quickly taken for various reasons, but many times the lack of preparedness on behalf of the job applicant is a huge factor in his or her chance at an interview. Therefore, having your resume fresh and ready to go at all times is a solid way to keep yourself firmly in the job market. And, if the idea of keeping a consistently updated resume is beyond your grasp in this busy season in your life, then why not allow someone else to step in and get you back on track?

Platinum Resumes is in the business of taking potential job applicants, such as yourself, and preparing them for a brighter future in their given career field. We open eyes and raise awareness in areas in which you can strengthen your personal brand and be fully ready to apply for a job before the right position has even come about. Our experience has taught us that if you wait until the right job comes along to dust off your old resume and start polishing yourself up as a top candidate then you have waited too long. If you do not have your professional portfolio with resume and references ready to go at all times, then you are potentially missing out on some of the best positions available.

Do yourself a favor and edit that resume today rather than waiting until you’re desperate! Whether you have a solid resume in place and just require a few adjustments or need a complete makeover in the resume department, we are the right company for you. Our talented team of writers know what your resume needs to really shine in the hands of your potential employer, and we work thoroughly and swiftly to make those edits for you. Call us today at 816.986.0909, and we would love to get started in preparing a stellar resume for you that is ready to send at a moment’s notice!