With everything so quickly and easily accessible online, we, as a society, are finding ourselves more and more self-sufficient. Why buy laundry detergent when Pinterest can tell you how to make your own? Why take your car to the mechanic when a YouTube video will walk you through the necessary steps yourself? And, to hone in on our specific interest, why ask a professional to write a resume for you when you can spend a few seconds grabbing a free template yourself?


The principle of the matter seems quite simple. You need a job, so, therefore, you need a resume. The one you once used is ancient, and you have no idea where the zip drive is located that might or might not even still house the aforementioned resume. So, you need a fresh start, and you need it now. The easiest thing to do next is to search online for a nice-looking resume template, preferably in your career field, and to download that sucker and get started.


While this method of resume creation may work for some, it is a pretty cut and dry process and lacks creativity in highlighting yourself as an employee. The purpose of creating a fresh resume is to propel yourself forward in your job search and to get that resume into the hands of the hiring manager at your company of choice. If he or she is looking at a document that looks like every other document in the stack, then there’s a minimal chance that there will be an interview in your future.


So, how do you change these odds and make your resume stand out? Toss that template and consider a customized document that was created uniquely for you. Platinum Resumes is comprised of a team of certified, professional resume writers who can do just that. Each client brings a different background, skill level, and aptitude to the table, and each resume is created with that particular person and their specific career path in mind.


Wait, though…that sounds really involved, huh? Time is definitely not something you’re able to spare. Well, you’re in luck, because in addition to generating creative and custom work for each client, it only takes about 7 business days for Platinum Resumes to get the job done. Once we get the initial paperwork back from you, we will get busy with your resume and have a copy ready for you to edit in a flash. We know how valuable your time is and how important this piece of documentation is in your job search.


So, quit searching endlessly for that perfect template that you keep trying to tweak and spin to make it your own. Give Platinum Resumes a call today at 816.986.0909 and let us have a hand in re-creating your future!