Do you sometimes struggle to find the patience needed to muddle through certain circumstances in life? Maybe you are so excited that you just can’t wait to see what is about to happen. Maybe you are sick to your stomach in anticipation because you just can’t wait any longer to know how upcoming results are going to turn out. Maybe you aren’t able to advance to the next step of your current project until certain details fall into place, and the in-between is sticking around much longer than you had planned.

All day long, in and out of the office, we are faced with the task of having to wait. From the incessant red lights that keep plaguing us on the morning commute to the upcoming promotion that has been promised yet not fulfilled, we are forced to be patient. If you are currently between jobs or considering switching gears from part-time to full-time employment, the transition is not always as speedy as you would prefer. You can make every effort to do your part in rushing along the process, but, more often than not, you are left waiting on someone else to make a decision or advance the situation. This can be very frustrating when you are ready to take next steps and reorient your life to something new.

Facilitating change in your career is a bold step that requires a great deal of confidence and bravery. Doing something different and learning new techniques and new operational procedures takes serious and intentional focus. If you want to be the best employee that you can be, then you have to start preparing yourself even before you know exactly where you are headed next. You have to sharpen your skills and maintain a mental preparedness that keeps you always learning. When you are properly motivated toward growth and looking for ways to occupy yourself and expound upon your abilities, then suddenly impatience loosens its grip on you as you wait to see exactly what the future holds.

Waiting is never fun, yet it remains to be a concrete part of our everyday lives. We can choose to let it drive us mad, or we can choose to pause and create that margin to slow down and take a deep breat. And we could all use more pausing and less going, right?! So, here’s to looking ahead to what changes are on the horizon and waiting well until the answers fall into place.