Were you the kid that always had to be reminded and forced to do your homework? Putting it off as long as possible or trying to get out of it altogether? Or, perhaps you were the type that actually enjoyed the work you brought home? Maybe you looked forward to learning more about the subject matter at hand and expanding your knowledge in new territory.

That same behavior that once defined you as a child is likely to follow you into adulthood. If you were the type that always dreaded doing your homework, then you are probably still prone to procrastinate. If you welcomed extra work in your teens, then you are likely to have a keener attitude toward research as an adult.

When changes occur within your career and you are suddenly thrown into the crux of looking for a new job, the time has arrived for homework to become serious business. Will you embrace the need to dive deeply into understanding new companies and new job requirements or will you shirk away from the work that is ahead of you? Will you put in the extra effort necessary to position yourself as the best candidate for the job?

If you are seeking out a new job in your field of choice, then you need to know as much as you can about what lies before you. You need to know what this potential company is about and what standards and expectations they have in place for their employees. You need to know statistics and mission statements and opportunities for growth and development, all of which can generally be found by digging in and using available resources.

If you want to be considered as a top candidate for this dream job that you are working towards, you need to rise above the temptation to procrastinate or disregard the importance of what is at stake and study hard. It is important to have a standout resume ready to go and a solid interview approach in play, but you will struggle to gain any leverage in your job search if you do not know precisely where you are headed and what is expected of you in your journey.

Now is the time to take action and make your homework really pay off!