Setting yourself apart from the other candidates is one of the main goals in your job search process, right? You do everything you can to show yourself to be the best choice for the job. Your resume has been re-written and tweaked a dozen times. Your cover letter has been drafted with great care to highlight your strengths and appeal to this particular position within the company.


Which third and final piece of the application package is missing? Could it be the interview process you’re leaving out? You’ve got some killer interview skills. You already know that you perform well under pressure and have the perfect wardrobe to deliver a solid, professional appearance for your potential manager. But, there’s a very important piece that comes before the interview is even a possibility.


Delivering an ideal list of pertinent and wide-ranging references will cause you to stand out from the other candidates that you’re competing with, and even from your own resume and cover letter. Presenting three documents to the hiring manager that all have the same look is an organized and uniform approach to getting yourself noticed, but, often, it may not be enough to really cause you to shine brighter than the next guy.


Platinum Resumes works with our clients to create a references dossier that will be sure to capture the attention of any and all decision makers whose hands or inbox it reaches! This list of references needs to include those who can speak to your various skills and abilities and the nature in which you are connected to each person. Having your references laid out in such a manner will allow the hiring manager to quickly see that you have professional contacts that know you well and can attest to the value that you will bring to this future company. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and let us help you to stand out above the rest!