Did this work week draggg on for you? I mean, the weekend can’t come soon enough, right?! What’s even tougher than a long week at the office is a long week in which nothing really got accomplished. You sat at your desk for hours on end, pouring over spreadsheets and documents and graphs and charts and whatever else fits the bill. But, were you able to even check anything off of your lengthy to-do list?


Why is it that we often spend so much time attempting to be productive only to find our minds wandering and our projects piling up? If you feel like you need to raise your hand and join this support group, then know that you are not alone. Many of those in our country’s work force find themselves less productive than they intend to be, staring aimlessly at the materials in front of them but void of the creative efforts to surge ahead.


Although we each have our individual reasons and excuses for having an “off” day here and there, there is a common contributing factor that we all share which prohibits our productivity. We do not allow ourselves enough breaks throughout the work day, enough moments to step away and clear our heads for a few minutes.


Maybe you’re in advertising…and vowed to yourself that you would not step away from your desk or answer any phone calls until you thought of that perfect catchphrase, that key word that has been dancing around on the tip of your tongue but just won’t come to mind. Or, maybe you’re a numbers guy…and you refuse to give up until you’ve gotten these pages and pages of figures to balance out.


Although it’s good to make goals for yourself and buckle down and get your work done, it is also important to remember that our energy and brain power is finite. The midnight oil will only burn for so long. You’ve got to cut yourself some slack, as do the rest of us, and recognize that taking breaks and walking away for a few minutes is not counterproductive but will actually fuel your creative juices and help stimulate your thinking.


Studies show that physical movement keeps us from being mentally stagnant. So, stopping what you’re doing once an hour to move around, maybe grabbing a drink or snack in the process, will enable you to gain the boost you need to jump back into your work and regain your lost productivity. Nothing solves the problem of being stuck quite like taking a step back and gathering a fresh pair of eyes on the matter.


So, whatever it is that has you stuck, take a step back and see what a small break and fresh perspective does for you. If your ongoing job search is an area where you are feeling unproductive, and taking a break from creating your various documents doesn’t help you regain momentum, then giving us a call at Platinum Resumes needs to be your next step! We will take the weight of your resume off of your weary hands and put our professional advice into play. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 to gain insight into making yourself a successful and productive job candidate.