Maybe you saw it coming. There were progressively more and more closed doors and hushed voices over the past months. You knew that some sort of change was brewing within the company but were hoping against the worst.


Alternatively, maybe it hit you like a slap in the face. You were taken aback by this sudden announcement. You thought you were just getting started climbing the ladder of success at this company, only to find that your job was being cut.


Getting news that your company has been downsized, and that a large number of jobs are being eliminated, is a tough truth to swallow. There are a myriad of emotions that come with losing your job in such a way.  The anger will come, as will the sadness, worry, and denial. And, although it is necessary to allow yourself the freedom to navigate through those emotions, it is to your benefit to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by these emotions. Denial can be your undoing, keeping you frozen in shock rather than moving forward assertively.


Now that your job is gone, you need a plan. You need an income, sooner than later. Although the realistic process of searching for a new job can take weeks and months, even for the most focused of individuals, you need to act quickly in establishing yourself as a top-notch job candidate. This is where we come into the picture!


Platinum Resumes is comprised of career advancement experts who work to generate interviews and job offers for our clients at a 40-50% faster rate than they could have accomplished on their own. Did you catch that?! We can practically double the odds for you.


You give us approximately 7 days to process your information and customize your resume, and we will, in turn, give you a new future. We guarantee that we will turn the heads of hiring managers and make you a strong and viable candidate for that ultimate job you’ve been hoping for.


Don’t let being downsized literally keep you down. Bounce back and let us help you rise to new career heights! Call us at 816.986.0909 today!