Now that you’re on the job hunt, you know there are preparations that need to be made. You have spent hours pouring over your resume until it’s just right. You have taken the time to update your LinkedIn profile and present the best and most professional image of yourself and your career experience. Once these key players are set into motion, then the waiting sets in.


You wait, phone in hand, to hear back from these companies at which you have applied. Days may turn into weeks, and you are still listening for your phone to ring or your email notification to chime. Although the time between applying for a job and getting your first bite can seem to drag on, you can be proactive in the meantime.


Being adequately prepared for a job interview is an area in which many job candidates fall short. He or she might have a stellar resume that piques the attention of the hiring manager. However, if this promising individual has no skill when it comes interview time, then their big moment of opportunity has passed. Job interviews should be serious business. In addition to picking the right outfit and preparing your answers to all of the potential questions, why not prepare a few questions of your own?


You’ve probably been stuck in that awkward position before. Your boss turns and asks you a question for which you were completely unprepared. You find yourself stammering for a response, desperately wanting to say something pertinent and profound. But, you’ve got nothing.


If you prepare yourself ahead of time for asking questions in your job interview, then you will likely find yourself more comfortable in the conversation and more able to read the manager or team of managers seated before you. You could always ask about what a typical day in the office looks like, or how success is measured for someone in this potential role. But, why not stretch yourself and ask a few questions that draw more insight from the employers?


Maybe you could ask, “How are your company values manifested in the workplace?” Or, “What is the typical leadership style at your company?” Such questions provide important information for you to think on while also showing your potential employer that you’re interested about the company on a deeper level.


If you feel like you could use a little help in better preparing yourself for your next interview, then consider giving us a call at Platinum Resumes. We work with our clients to redefine themselves as job candidates and to make sure that they were putting the best version of themselves out there for the taking. You have worked too long and too hard to sell yourself short, and we will help you gain the attention from potential employers that you so rightly deserve.