Newsflash: You are applying for sales jobs that many other are trying to land as well! Your resume will appear in a stack of many others, highlighting candidates that are just as anxious and qualified as yourself. Therefore, your goal is to write a resume that causes you to stand out from all of these other professionals.


You have to get inside the brain of your potential employer and decipher what it is about your resume that really needs to pop. You have to take extra measures to set yourself apart from all of the competition, many of whom are just as well-educated and experienced as yourself.


It’s best to start with the basics. Outline the common categories that are found within a resume and make sure that you have quality content in each of those categories. Common categories are Objective, Core Skills, Professional Experience, Academic Background, Relevant Experience, and so forth.


Once you have plugged in concise and colorful verbiage into each of these categories, then you want to proofread your work. Then, when you’re finished, edit once again. A poorly written resume with typos and bad grammar will kill your chances of getting your resume to the top of the stack. You’ve got to catch your mistakes before the employer does!


If you feel inept when it comes to editing your work, then it’s probably a good choice for you to reach out for some advice from a professional in the resume arena. Without an exceptionally well-written and uniquely designed resume, you have little chance of turning heads in the hiring department. Platinum Resumes has had the privilege of working with many customers seeking a career within the world of Sales.


The link below is an example of one of our resumes that was written for a Senior Sales Executive. This model can give you an idea of the quality and detail that we put into each document that we create for our clients. We will work to uniquely design your resume to identify your strengths and highlight your particular skill set. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on making sure that your resume finds its way to the top of the stack!


Sample Sales Resume