New to Kansas City? Moving to a new city can be hard, especially if you have no network or connections in this new and foreign territory. Starting fresh has its perks, but it can also present some challenges when trying to land a solid job. It’s important to take steps in making the right connections for your career, and these steps can be taken long before you actually unpack that first box.


Now that you know that your life is being uprooted and transplanted to KC, you should be putting yourself out there and exploring what the job front looks like in your particular career field. Kansas City is a beautiful melting pot of countless types of people and businesses, a little bit of everything. You can find a company much like the one you are about to leave, and or you can take this opportunity for a fresh start and expand your borders a bit by applying for a job that is enticingly different than anything you’ve done before.


Regardless of what type of job you’re looking at, Platinum Resumes is the perfect partner to accompany you in the process. We work with our clients to help them shine on paper, creating a stellar resume that is guaranteed to turn heads and secure interviews. Our staff of professional resume writers has a wealth of experience in different careers across the board, and our priority is to develop a document that highlights your strengths and assets in a clear, concise, and creative way.


In addition to polishing up your resume, we offer a host of other services for the job-seeking individual. Many clients are thankful to have our help in strengthening their LinkedIn profile and other online platforms so that the best and most professional version of themselves is being displayed for all potential employers to see. After all, these are the areas in which you are weighed and evaluated before the chance of an interview even comes into play.


Since Platinum Resumes is born out of Kansas City, we have developed quite a tremendous network within the city of business owners and executives who take special note when one of our clients crosses their path. Although we are most certainly not a team or headhunters or recruiters, we are your career allies and strong ones, at that.


So…now that your move to KC is set and ready for action, pick up the phone and give us a call so that this season of change can be one of excitement and hope for a brighter career!


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