Whether you care to admit it or not, you like a good challenge. Sure, some days leave you feeling less than motivated, satisfied with being sub-par. But other days, when you’re on your game, a good challenge is music to your ears. You want the chance to prove to yourself, and to the rest of the world, that you are capable. You can do it.


When we face challenges of any kind, the effects of that challenge leave us changed. Whether you are new to the work force or have weathered multiple career changes over the years, you have, no doubt, faced opportunities that have placed you out of your comfort zone. These situations are often unwelcomed. You are often propelled into a challenging set of circumstances without having signed up for the task. However, just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean that it’s okay to shrink back.


Although we naturally prefer comfort over discomfort, the truth remains that most forms of “success” have been accomplished through discomfort and tough circumstances. Does this mean that you need to pursue every road that leads to discomfort and misery in order to better yourself? Of course not. But, to achieve success, you have to face your intimidations, wander into unfamiliar territory, and stretch yourself to do that which doesn’t come naturally.


When you have waded through these waters, and can now look back on how greatly these uncomfortable scenarios have allowed you to grow, then you can truly appreciate the challenges that life brings to you. Whether the challenges that rise up to meet you are of a personal or professional nature, there is beauty to be captured in knowing that getting through to the other side will leave you changed.


We want to encourage each of you to keep your chin up and embrace the road less traveled. Think outside of the box, about what you could stand to gain if you stretched yourself beyond what feels comfortable.


Maybe you’re in the midst of searching for a new job, which is a challenge in and of itself. Instead of shying away from the difficult and awkward task of really putting yourself out there on paper, you need to push past your fears and have the courage to believe in yourself. Platinum Resumes strives to bring hope and a future to those who are teetering on the edge of giving up on their career dreams. We want to encourage you to boldly face the challenge in front of you and trust that growth will meet you on the other side! Give us a call today and allow us to help you with the necessary tools to embrace the challenge ahead.