As the end of the school year is rolling around, there are typically two areas which a teacher is focused upon: summer break and the renewal of contracts. Maybe you’re settled into a classroom where you plan to teach for years and years to come. Or, alternatively, maybe you’re ready to switch gears a bit.


Within the education system, there is always a lot of movement to be seen at this time of year. As concrete plans are being put into place for the 2016-2017 school year, decisions are being made, from preschool to PhD level teaching, regarding who will teach what and where for the next term. Maybe you’re looking to relocate to the other side of the country? Or maybe you’ve been teaching the same subject material for decades and are looking for a new challenge?


Regardless of where you find yourself in the world of education, now is always a good time to ensure that your resume is in tip-top shape. You want to have your documents ready to send out at any time, knowing that there are a lot of other well-qualified and talented teachers out there.  You must keep in mind that your resume needs to shine brighter than the others in order to guarantee yourself an interview and the attention of the hiring faculty.


So, what can you do to make sure that, as an educator, your resume is the cream of the crop?


Relay Your Passion… Be sure that the language of your resume reveals the passion you have for what you do. Don’t over-dramatize the situation but be true to who you are and why you have so devoutly pursued this career.


Don’t Hide Your Credentials… While credentials aren’t everything, they do mean a lot. Many schools and universities won’t give you a moment’s consideration if you do not have the proper credentials, so proudly highlight what you have worked hard to accomplish.


Key Contributions… What you have contributed to the lives of your pupils has made a lasting impact, and you will continue to be impactful in future jobs. Be sure to list the key ways in which you have made a footprint in your teaching career thus far.


Choose Your Words Wisely… Make sure to use terminology that is industry-specific, keywords that really define what you do on a day-to-day basis. You will want to implement these terms in order to really showcase your expertise and the knowledge you have of your art. Again, you are seeking to prove that you are a better candidate for the potential job than any other contenders, and you must show that you already know the detailed ins and outs of what is expected of you as an educator.


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