Do you find yourself ready to give up on the job search? Are you ready to settle for the job that is your last choice? Don’t lose heart! You have worked too hard to get this far, and you owe it to yourself to keep fighting for the job you want, the job you deserve. In her article, “You Are More Qualified Than You Think!LinkedIn writer Liz Ryan shares her personal experience with job descriptions, proper qualifications, and why, in the end, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t settle in your job search, and don’t drink the lemonade!

Ryan writes, “In the business, we drink a lot of toxic lemonade. We hear a lot of things that are notDon't Settle in Your Job Search for any job. Wait for the job that is best for you. true, and we start to believe them. We think we can’t apply for a job unless we have all the qualifications and Essential Requirements listed in the job ad.” She goes on to say, “Job ads are nonsense. I’m an HR person and have been gone forever. In the end, the person who gets the job may have thirty or forty percent of the requirements listed on the job ad. Hiring managers get delusional when they write a job spec.”

Although her statements are very direct regarding the nonsense of job advertisements, her words are an encouragement to the job seeker settling for second best. With Ryan’s article in consideration, there is no reason to assume you are unworthy of a job you want! “You can apply for the jobs you don’t feel qualified for, and you can get those jobs, too. When we work with clients on their job searches and career shifts, we first have to remind them how qualified they are. Most people minimize their experience.”

Platinum Resumes can and will come up beside you in a similar way.  We are eager to join job seekers on their frustrating and seemingly dead-end job search and offer hope and solutions.  From updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles to developing original and job-specific cover letters and interview techniques, we can assist in rebuilding the confidence that has been lost along the way. We will help in highlighting your many attributes and proving that you are, in fact, more qualified than you think!


This article was originally published in April 2015 and has been recently updated.