The month of love is currently upon us. Valentine’s Day advertisements are swarming us from all angles, and we are feeling the pressure to plan the perfect gift or night out with our special someone. With all of the romantic notions in the air, do you ever stop to consider all of the loves in your life? Aside from your favorite people, what else have you fallen in love with throughout your lifetime?

For many, this question takes some time to ponder, and your job does not rank very high on the list. Maybe your career has not been anything but a means of making ends meet and surviving the work week without punching your coworkers in the face. However, imagine what it would feel like to love what you do! To look forward to your work each day and truly enjoy each project and opportunity to utilize your talents.

It’s finally time to fall in love with that which takes up the majority of your time and energy each and every week. Instead of merely existing and struggling along, you can get excited about your job and take on its many challenges with an eager readiness rather than the usual reluctance.

If such an idea seems impossible to you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your work and consider changing jobs altogether. For some, the lack of love stems only from a bad attitude that needs to be improved upon. For others, the dissatisfaction with work goes deeper and major change needs to occur. It is in these latter set of circumstances that our work at Platinum Resumes comes into play.

Our team of resume writers and job coaches has seen a lot of unhappy job seekers come through our doors, and we desire to help our clients find a job that will become one of the loves of their life. We know how hard it can be to saunter along down a path that seems endless and pointless and that true efficiency and creativity can be reached when you have found a job that is fulfilling. Falling madly in love with your work is not necessarily something that happens overnight, however, and there must be hard work put in on the front end so that you ensure that you are chasing after a job that is truly worth the effort.

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