An intense job search is not for the weak of heart. It takes a lot of guts and stamina to cycle through the ups and downs of seeking to find the job of your dreams. You can sometimes put in hours of effort and never see the fruits of your labor, whereas other times you are able to advance through to the next phase of consideration because of all of your hard work.

It is at that point that most people think that the tough part is behind them. They have spent weeks, or even months, scouring through the newest job openings and submitting resume after resume. Finally, the phone call or email has come through announcing that your work has paid off and an interview is on the calendar! Now you can take it easy, right?

Wrong. If you want to step up as a serious contender for this dream job, then the answer is most definitely not found in taking a breather. Rather, now is the time to sharpen your skill set like never before because you now have the opportunity to bring your resume to life. What was written in text is now being put to the test as you prepare to sit before the hiring manager and reveal exactly why you will make the best candidate for this potential job.

The majority of clients that we see come through our doors at Platinum Resumes typically fall into one of two categories, either misguided in their approach or missing the point altogether. These job seekers either treat the upcoming job interview too nonchalantly, as though it’s not really that much of a deal maker or deal breaker. Or, alternatively, they think their interview strategies are pretty perfect considering the fact that they have several under their belt.

The truth is… interviews are tough to decipher and super important to prepare for in advance. Just “winging it” is never a good idea. You’ve got too much hard work on the line to let the interview slip up on you without thinking ahead and practicing your answers to various questions. Our team of experts at Platinum Resumes works with coaching our clients through such questions and instilling a sense of confidence that is vital in completing a successful interview. If you want your potential employer to believe that you are the best choice for this job, then you have to believe it first. You have to be prepared to discuss your strengths in addition to your weaknesses and provide multiple details regarding the career accolades that you boast of in your resume.

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