What do Professional Resume Writers Charge?
A woman asking "What does professional resume writer charge" to a client.

The cost of hiring a resume writer may vary depending on several factors. Some key items to consider are the level of one-on-one attention you receive, the writer’s experience, and the quality of work. Be certain that what professional resume writers charge will be commensurate with several factors.

When looking for a resume, you might also want to consider a few additional add-ons. Some other professionally written documents to consider are a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile revamp, career coaching, a references dossier, and more.

Whatever you do, make sure to do your research on the resume business you select. Many people fall for those websites where you plug in your information, and the automated website spits out your resume. They fail to tell you that you cannot make any edits to this template in the future, and the writing isn’t personalized. The formatting on those websites is often either too busy or too lackluster. You want to choose a professional resume format that suits your individuality.

We are professional resume writers, not computers

If you are looking for a personalized resume written with care by an individual (and not a computer), you should expect to spend around $500. Although the sticker price may seem high, keep in mind that you will make money back tenfold. A professional resume is often the difference between a salary of thousands of dollars a year.

Keep in mind that much time and work is going into your resume. A skilled writer will take time to get to know you individually, research the position or industry you seek, and spend time creative writing, editing, rewriting, etc. This is why there’s a difference in price between auto-generated and custom resumes.

A few things to contemplate when considering a resume writer are experience level, client reviews, a guarantee of work, and level of support. When you hire Platinum Resumes, be assured that you will pay a fair price for quality results!

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