How to be More Likeable at Work

Being likeable at work goes a lot farther than you may realize. Think about it, as an employer faced with deciding between two employees both with the same skillset; one is challenging to work with and one is quite pleasant, who would you select? An employee who is well-liked and easy to work with is going to end up with more opportunities than a chronically difficult employee. So, here are a few ways you can be more likeable in the office.

1. Be humble
Be modest about your success and give your co-workers a chance to applaud you for work instead of boasting. Practice humility and also share a piece of the glory with anyone who helped you. For example, if your boss highlights your good work during a team meeting accept that praise graciously and jump to mention others on your team who assisted in your efforts.

2. Be willing to help
It can be tempting to keep your head down at work and focus on your own to-do list. However, one of the simplest ways to earn likeability points is to be generous with your time. If you see a colleague struggling with something, offer to help. We all want to get ahead with our own work, but it’ll serve your career even better if you are more of a team player.

3. Be a positive influence
Work is often stressful and demanding enough on its own without contributing with your own negative energy.  To be well-liked at work, then embrace the challenges that come up and stay positive even when it’s difficult. People don’t like to hear complaining on top of their own stress.

It’s in your best interest be likeable to your co-workers and boss. These tips should help you develop a better working-relationship with your team.