Your first job is most likely not going to be your dream job. When you are just starting out in your career, you are most likely not going to start in the best job with an ideal pay—what’s important is just getting your foot in the door which will open opportunities to eventually climb your way to your dream job.

The old aged about “climbing the corporate ladder” isn’t just a clever thing people say, it’s true. Oftentimes you do have to start at the bottom of the ladder and exert tons of effort to climb your way up. Your first job may not fulfill all of your desires, passions, interests, or even be fun. But, it’s important to use this as a stepping stone—once you just get your foot in the door, a world of opportunities can open for you if you keep an open mind and work hard.

Don’t take yourself too seriously or take it personally if you have to start out at the bottom of the career “totem pole”. Plenty of brilliant people started their careers in jobs they didn’t like but worked hard and moved on to accomplish all of their career goals. There is no fast path to success—it can take years of commitment, learning, and gaining experience for you to qualify for your dream job. Remember, people get to the top of the corporate ladder by climbing, not by jumping.