There’s no better time to update your resume than when you have a new job in your sites. Of course, in a perfect world, this is something that you would keep updated on a steady basis.. ready to fire whenever the need arises. But, time gets away from all of us, and we often end up in panic mode, scrambling at the last minute to gather ourselves.


If you have a new job opportunity in view, then it is time to ensure that your resume is polished and prepared for the eyes of the potential hiring manager that awaits you. You don’t want to simply throw together the pertinent details in a haphazard fashion just to get the application in by the deadline, but you want to submit a resume that rises above your competitors. Anyone can piece together a simple resume from a free template online, but few have the wisdom to know when to seek a professional opinion.


At Platinum Resumes, we enjoy working with the full spectrum of clients. Those who are fresh out of school and wet behind the ears, as well as seasoned employees who have decades of job experience under their belt. You may have written and formatted your own resume in the past, but it is likely that you have waited around far too long for better results than you have received.


Our team of writing experts know what it takes to create a unique resume that is quick to capture the attention of critical employers. You need to use a layout that stands out and verbiage that reveals your strengths and aptitude. It is easy to list the basics of your job experience and skill set, but you need to go into greater depth regarding your prior accomplishments and what you can do in this new position.


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