How long has it been since your resume has been updated? Chances are, like many things in life, it needs a little attention and some freshening up. We are a people of checklists and priorities, and once something has been filed under the “completed” tab we often let it go from our minds. Time to move on to that which is more pressing, whatever else we think is more important and worthy of our time and effort.


Your resume, however, should never be left to collect dust on the proverbial shelf. There needs to be a process of polishing and grooming. Some say to revisit your resume as often as every few months to determine any necessary revisions, more or less often depending on what stage of the job search you are in.


One important area to consider when updating your resume is the list of any changes that may have occurred within your life, both personally and professionally, in the last year. Your resume needs to reflect the most current version of yourself. Have you recently moved? Graduated? Been promoted? Received certifications? Become more involved in your community? Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions deems a necessary revision of your resume.


Your resume will be seen and considered by the hiring manager often before you ever walk through the door. In the competitive job market of today, you want this representation of yourself to be as impressive as possible. That said, it is worth taking the time to offer your resume some of the TLC that you give to so many other pieces of your life.


Platinum Resumes gives our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee in this department. Although we are extremely confident in our work, we will make revisions to your resume, free of charge, if you have not landed the interviews you were hoping for within the first 12 weeks. So, whether it is your own hands doing the pruning or our company just fulfilling its promise, make sure that keeping an updated resume is high on your priority list!