The 4 P’s for Success

With graduation is right around the corner for some, I wanted to share my 4 P’s for success: Be positive, principled, proactive, and productive

Be positive

Try to see the best in every situation, and focus your energy on that. Look for the silver lining in all things. Your positivity will radiate and be contagious for others. You will be more likeable, happier, and even healthier.

Be principled

Everyone should live by a set of principles. These are uncompromising truths that help us to evaluate our thoughts and actions. If you have a good set of principles, you will be able to make the right decision in every situation. This will help you be an ethical, reliable, and trustworthy employee & colleague.

Be proactive

Don’t wait for something to become a problem to fix it. Be proactive with everything you do. If you see that something needs to get done, jump up and do it, without question. Respond to e-mails and calls quickly, don’t procrastinate to get projects done,  and be a forward thinker. This is a trait that employers love to see, and it will help you feel good about your work.

Be productive

Productivity is so important not just for our employer, but for our own personal gratification. The thrill of a productive day gives many people a feeling of elation, and inspires them to do more. Don’t sell yourself short by becoming content or lazy. Always look for ways to be more productive throughout the day, and your entire life will benefit from it.