Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Ever dreaded heading into the office each day? Many of us have started out our careers in jobs that fell short of our expectations. We had a desire to get excited about our work but found ourselves, instead, to be bored and unfulfilled.


Thankfully, there were lessons learned and changes made to ensure a greater job satisfaction. Others, though, remain in such a job even today. Instead of enjoying their work, they sit and dream about another career, a role which would keep them excited and challenged in their everyday. Many… our coworkers, our family members, our friends, our neighbors… have settled into a job that they intend to keep yet intend to dislike. Do you find yourself paddling aimlessly in that same boat?


At the start of a new year, it’s a great time to reorient yourself to a healthier way of thinking. 2017 can be the year that you halt your dissatisfaction and find a job that greets you each morning with a challenge and excitement! Maybe this means you stay in the same company but take a leap up the ladder. Maybe this means that you stay in the same career field but seek employment with a brand new company. Or, further, maybe this means you rock your own world by changing career fields completely.


Regardless of what career change should look like for you this year, make sure that the perfect job that you are chasing after is, in fact, perfect for you. If your prospective daily tasks and responsibilities bore you from the beginning, then don’t go that route. If you see yourself already looking for another job in the near future, then don’t take this one knowing that it won’t truly appeal to you.


Circumstances are tough, and we don’t always have complete freedom in the jobs that we choose. We do, however, need to do everything within our ability to weed out the potential jobs that will rob us of loving what we do. Make sure that finding a job that is both exciting and challenging is at the top of your list!