Have you ever heard that you should step away from your desk at regular intervals to give yourself a break? Stretch your legs, grab a snack, catch up with a coworker, or whatever it is that most appeals to your short break time. Taking those moments away from whatever project you are working on helps your body to reset on many different levels and jump back in with greater focus and stamina.

That said, let’s imagine what the lack of taking that frequent break looks like. If you sit in your office for hours at a time, then you are likely growing less excited about what you’re working on and starting to have mental drifts onto other, more enticing topics. You think you are being a responsible, hardworking employee by pushing through those temptations to stop and take a minute, but, instead, you are actually lessening your potential and creating a weariness in yourself.

So, if that mentality is so ingrained regarding your daily grind, then we can assume that stepping back to look at the big picture will yield the same results. Few breaks in your day probably means few breaks in your year. The vacation and PTO days are piling up because you just can’t seem to tear yourself away. You hate to say no to that next project that will really help improve your chances of getting in good with the new boss. You decide to save up for a bigger and better trip next year or convince yourself that vacations are only for the lazy people who can’t handle the work load they’ve been given.

Well, we say wrong and wrong. Don’t put off that vacation until next year when you need the break now. Don’t tell yourself that admitting you need to unplug and reset means that you are lazy and weak. On the contrary, giving in to that desire to take time off this summer means that you value yourself and your job enough to step away so that you can bring a better version of yourself back next week. Having a life outside of the office and investing in the people and things that help you relax is a strength and an asset to any company. Hiring managers want employees who take good care of themselves so that they are fresh and ready to tackle the expected and unexpected moments throughout their day.

That type of concentrated focus and fresh eyes are hard to find in someone who is long overdue for a day off. So, rather than listening to the lies, hear this truth and give yourself that much needed vacation this summer. Whether you travel across the country or never leave your home, just breathe in those moments where you are free from deadlines and spreadsheets and email replies. And, when it’s time to head back to work and immerse yourself in your craft, we promise you will not regret those brief but beautiful moments of rest you chose to embrace.