While your technical skills are of course very important, a candidate’s personality traits may carry just as much weight in the hiring decision. If you want to boost your chances of getting the job, make sure to showcase these 3 traits.

1. Be personable. Hiring managers want to see that you will be able to work well with others, get along with the team, and represent their company culture. Be amiable, courteous, and friendly to everyone you come in contact with on the day of your interview from the parking lot attendant, to the security guard, to the desk assistant, to the hiring manager. Treat everyone with respect and be personable. Interpersonal skills will set you apart.

2. Show Initiative. The best employees are the ones who are adaptable to change, and show a sincere eagerness to learn and grow throughout their career. Show initiative to take on extra work, to learn new things, and demonstrate that you are proactive. All the technical classes in the world cannot change a person’s motivation to be successful.

3.  Have a positive attitude.  A person’s attitude is critical to their success. Those who have a bad attitude and always think the sky is falling only set themselves up to fail. Show that you have a positive outlook. Do not say anything negative about your previous employer or boss. Turn any examples of adversity into a positive learning experience.

In today’s competitive job market, these 3 traits will help you stand out from other candidates. Don’t miss out on the career of your dreams. To learn more about how to stand out during the interview process, check out How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market.

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